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SunBridge Partners provides venture capital, global reach and hands-on support to the technology startups changing our future.
AngelCapitalMarket.com provides free access to a wide variety of investment opportunities to those who are interested in investing in a business venture.
Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Resilience Capital Partners is a leading private equity firm with a team of in-house operating experts that bring large company resources to the lower middle market.
MCM Capital is a Cleveland, Ohio based private equity firm focused on acquiring small cap niche manufacturers, value added distributors and service companies...
World's Largest "Accredited" investor and Funding Provider Network.

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Political bundlers are those who collect contributions from many individuals within an organization or a community and present the funds to a politician or political party.

Real Estate (housing) bundlers package and sell multiple properties as a bundle to an individual or entity, typically below market value.