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SunBridge Partners provides venture capital, global reach and hands-on support to the technology startups changing our future.
AngelCapitalMarket.com provides free access to a wide variety of investment opportunities to those who are interested in investing in a business venture.
Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Resilience Capital Partners is a leading private equity firm with a team of in-house operating experts that bring large company resources to the lower middle market.
MCM Capital is a Cleveland, Ohio based private equity firm focused on acquiring small cap niche manufacturers, value added distributors and service companies...
World's Largest "Accredited" investor and Funding Provider Network.
Our funding programs utilize commercial accounts receivable as a means to advance cash and fund your business. This allows our customers to have immediate access to cash without waiting 30 to 60 days for payment from their customers.
Healthcare Factoring Services

Have you ever had to turn down a contract with a large healthcare facility because you didn't have enough working capital to hire new healthcare personnel?

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Political bundlers are those who collect contributions from many individuals within an organization or a community and present the funds to a politician or political party.

Real Estate (housing) bundlers package and sell multiple properties as a bundle to an individual or entity, typically below market value.