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The fashion world has remained particularly quiet on the Ann Romney fashion front.
[Anna Wintour is touted as Pres. Obama's 4th biggest fundraising bundler]
RNC Chairman Priebus released a statement calling on the Obama administration to come clean on “political payoffs to Obama campaign bundler Steve Westly.”
The Washington Post's Peter Wallsten and Dan Eggen report: About one in six of Obama’s top campaign “bundlers” are gay, according to a Washington Post review of donor lists... What's the Post's methodology? "Just counting," Eggen told to me, and added, "I did not engage in any guesswork." Eggen said...
Bundlers are the original movers and shakers in the world of high-dollar campaign fundraising. And President Obama's reelection machine has enlisted a veritable army of them -- a roster that includes some of the biggest names in media and show business. 
President Obama has nominated a top campaign bundler to be the next U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands, following in a rich presidential tradition of granting diplomatic posts to big-dollar fundraisers. 
A little over a month ago, the Democratic National Committee lambasted Mitt Romney for not initially reporting funds in notorious tax havens scattered around the world. It turns out a campaign bundler for President Obama is in the business of helping people, like Romney, looking to take advantage of offshore tax law. 
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Nearly lost in the troves of campaign finance data recently released by presidential candidates was an updated list of bundlers for President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.
What is George Seay III, Perry's Texas finance chair, hiding in his tangled web of politically oriented nonprofits?
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As the White House rejects charges that the Obama administration was motivated by politics in its decisions on green energy loans, scrutiny is increasing over the preference given to Democratic donors seeking federal loans.
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Political bundlers are those who collect contributions from many individuals within an organization or a community and present the funds to a politician or political party.

Real Estate (housing) bundlers package and sell multiple properties as a bundle to an individual or entity, typically below market value.